Westex Wool - sustainable, trusted

Drawing from the wealth of diverse breeds of sheep across the world, we only choose the finest premium wool for our carpets.

From ‘field to floor’ - natural engineering for beautiful carpets

Keeping out freezing temperatures, rain and snow while cooling the herds in warmer months, wool is naturally engineered to create beautiful, durable and desirable carpets.

When it comes to sustainability, wool is the natural choice. Shearing sheep is an essential process for their welfare and this annual shearing provides a continuous supply of wool year after year, making it a totally renewable raw material.

At Westex we actively work with trusted wool merchants to make sure we use the best possible wool available for our carpets. The provenance of the wool we use is also important, as it ensures our impact is always based on positive growth and best practice from ‘field to floor’.

Proven performance

One of wool’s great properties lies in the fibres retaining their inherent characteristics right through the process of creating a superb Westex carpet; the fibre bulk giving it inbuilt resilience for superior durability and performance.

Out-performing man-made fibres; enjoy the natural properties of wool:

  • Reduce heat loss, condensation and noise.
  • Improve air quality
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Reduced effects of tracking and shading
  • Natural flame retardant
  • Superior durability and performance.
  • The bulk and springiness of wool will naturally reform following compression.
  • Inbuilt resistance to soiling due to its natural oils and the scaled structure of the fibre, which acts as a shield against dirt.

All these hard wearing qualities, combined with the natural softness, make wool the perfect choice for Westex premium quality carpets, which are made in accordance with the industry’s stringent environmental policies.

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