Underfloor Heating

Carpet is a natural insulator and once your room has warmed up it will retain warmth longer with a carpet than most other floor coverings.

Confirmed by tests carried out by the UHMA (Underfloor Heating Manufacturers Association), all Westex carpets are suitable for use where an underfloor heating system is installed without impairing the performance of the heating system or carpet.

Consideration should be given, however, to the insulation value of the carpet, or tog rating*, combined with the tog rating of the underlay. UHMA tests also demonstrate that tog requirements can be reduced by 1 when tested in actual instillations and not laboratory conditions.

*Tog values for specific Westex carpets can be obtained from us on
+ 44 (0)1274 861 334

Tog values for underlays can be obtained from either the supplier or manufacturer.

Installation Guide

As a general rule double stick instillation systems are recommended to provide close contact between floor, underlay and carpet - thereby allowing better heat transfer.

Sub floors must be fully conditioned as this can cause unevenness due to changes in moisture levels.

As different types of underfloor heating systems are available we always recommend that you seek advice from a professional installer.

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