Stain Resist

All Westex carpets have Stain Resist treatment

All Westex Carpets have a Stain Resist treatment applied. Stain Resist protects your carpet against the majority of water based and oil stains - giving you more time to attend to the more easily removed stain.

How does the Stain Resist work?

An active formula forms bonds with the fibre. It provides protection against dirt and damp and therefore makes caring for the carpet easier. Stains cannot penetrate the fibre. They remain locked on the surface and can easily be removed. The breathable properties of the fibre are not affected.

How long does the Stain Resist last?

Shampooing and professional carpet cleaning products cannot break the bonds between the active chemical and fibre. The performance of the Stain Resist will last 5 years, subject to normal, reasonable use.

Is the Stain Resist safe and what is its impact on the environment?

Stain Resist is free from CFCs and is dermatologically tested. The Stain Resist polymers show no toxicity even at the highest applied levels and no bioavailability, metabolism or hydrolysis.

How will the Stain Resist perform?

Stain Resist is not a stain blocker. Stain Resist slows the staining down giving time to get the carpet cleaned. It also holds dirt up making it easier to clean off.

Aggressive stains such as turmeric and red wine may be more difficult to clear.

Chemically active stains such as urine or bleach may actually damage the fibre itself; the Stain Resist cannot stop these chemically active products.

Help dealing with spillages

Please read our Westex Cleaning Guide for further cleaning information and guidance.

Three of the most important tips are.

  1. Deal with any spill immediately
  2. Try, if possible, to test any cleaner on a hidden area first.
  3. If in doubt instruct a professional carpet cleaning company to tackle the problem.
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