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All Westex carpets are moth-proofed

All our carpets have a mothproofing treatment applied. Mothproofing protects your carpet against the attack of both moths and other wool eating insects.

Is it safe for you and the environment?

Westex installed the first award winning moth-proof re circulation application process whereby no chemical is put to waste effluent.

Safety to humans has been paramount in the design of the mothproofing product Westex uses. It has had the full rigours of scientific testing, both toxicologically and ecologically, to establish that there is no harm to human health.

How does the mothproofing work?

The active ingredient in the moth-proof makes the keratin (a protein found in wool) that moths, bugs and other insects thrive upon, indigestible. They literally starve as their digestive systems are unable to convert the keratin they have eaten into usable food.

How long does the treatment last?

The moth-proof combines with the wool fibre on a permanent basis and will last the life time of the carpet. We will inspect a carpet if evidence is found of attack within 5 years from the date supplied.

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