Westex Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Westex Carpets made in the UK?

Yes, for over 35 years… Find out more.

2. What chemicals are used on a Westex Carpet?

Westex carpets are treated to protect against soil, stains and insect infestation at our factory and cured during the manufacture of the carpet. Find out more about the chemicals we use here.

3. Where can I buy a Westex Carpet?

We have Westex Representatives across the UK and the world. Find one near you here.

4. How much does a Westex Carpet cost?

This will depend on the spec, how much you need and the colour you require. Contact one of our representatives, you’ll find the contact details of one near you here.

5. What colours are available?

We have a range of stock colours that you can see here.

6. Can I have my own colour?

Yes, no problem! Read more about our Special Dye Service.

7. How long does it take for delivery of my special coloured carpet?

We operate a scheduled London delivery 4 times per week and UK wide once per week. Find out more here.

8. How do I clean my carpet?

This will depend on the level of soiling and/or stain. To keep your Westex carpet in prime condition please refer to our Carpet Care and Maintenance Guides here.

9. What is the stain resist?

This is a chemical treatment to help protect your carpet from dirt and stains. Find out more here.

10. How does the stain resist work?

Helping to block stains and dirt from penetrating the fibres of the carpet, find out more here.

11. What is Actigard?

Actigard is an anti-dust mite treatment applied to all Westex carpets. Actigard gives Protection against house dust mites, mould fungi and bacteria and their allergens.

12. How does the Actigard work?

The active ingredient in the Actigard does not allow the debris (human skin, hair etc) to decay into the food that the dust mites thrive upon. So there is no environment for them to exist or thrive in. This also inhibits the bacteria and mould development. Thorough vacuuming will then maintain the cleanliness of the carpet.

13. How long do the treatments last?

Our treatments last for five years, from the purchase of your carpet. Find out more here.

14. Are the Westex treatments safe for babies and pets?

Yes, all are treatments are fully tested and safe. Find out more here.

15. Can my carpets be used for under floor heating?

Yes. You’ll find more information on Westex carpets and underfloor heating here.

16. What clean cleaning routines do I need for domestic/contract carpet?

Find out all about caring from your Westex carpet here.

17. What vacuum do you recommend?

Find out all about caring from your Westex carpet here.

18. What is the minimum order level for special dye?

Our special dye service has a minimum quantity of 40m². Find out more here.

19. What fitting method do you recommend for a Westex Carpet?

Please refer to our Fitting Guide here.

If what you are looking for isn’t here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.