Playing our part

Gaining our first environmental award in 1994, at Westex we are very aware of our responsibilities to each other and the planet. Taking steps to fulfil and exceed our legal and community wide obligations we have a series of environmental improvements underway, which include:

  • Carpet environmental impact and process waste generation disposal
  • Chemical and dye applications
  • Water usage and conservation
  • Heat and power generation
  • Factory noise and activity
  • Traffic and delivery management

Environmental Responsibility Policy


Westex Carpets Ltd recognises its social and legal obligations as set out in current UK environmental best practice. Westex has embarked on a process of environmental improvement that will enable it to fulfil its duty to its customers, employees, neighbours and the wider community its activities will affect, both now and in the future.


Westex Carpets key activities which have the potential for environmental impact are as follows :

  1. Carpet Environmental Impact and process waste generation and disposal.
  2. Chemical and dye applications.
  3. Water usage and conservation
  4. Heat and power generation.
  5. Factory noise and activity.
  6. Traffic and delivery Management.


Westex will involve, inform and work with all its community stakeholders. This will be based on the principles of best practice.



The Joint Managing Directors have ultimate responsibility for this policy.

The Implementation by means of a documented system controlled by the senior manager responsible for Management Support Areas.

Every Person at Westex Carpets has a duty to support and assist the Company in the implementation of this Policy.

J J Snee Joint Managing Director, J R Shirt Joint Managing Director 2013

How are we doing?

  • Currently on target to achieve >0% process waste to landfill by 2015. 100% recycled.
  • Significant 2011 investment in UK based state of the art dye house gives us complete control of emissions and effluent.
  • Continual product development in designing ‘re use’ materials into new products.
  • 10% per annum reduction of Westex carbon foot print through efficient energy and transport management.
  • Ongoing, active contribution to industry wide life cycle analysis of wool and wool/nylon carpets.
Why Wool?

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