Carpet Characteristics - Natural Wear and Tear

Feeling good under your feet, a luxurious yet practical investment, constructed to wear well and look good for many years’ service, follow our steps to help keep your carpet in great condition

Characteristics of a Wool Tufted Carpet

All cut pile carpets are liable to show light and dark areas known as shading. This is a characteristic of all luxury tufted carpets. Permanent shading can occur through exposure to bright sunlight. You’ll find more information on this below.

Shedding occurs when the very short wool fibres work loose shortly after production of the carpet. With regular vacuuming these will disappear after a few weeks.

The tweed characteristics of Berber Carpets are made by randomly blending differing colour wools, as opposed to solid dyeing. This may mean that the delivered carpet differs slightly to your sample. Please ask for a ‘stock submit’ of the batch to be purchased to be totally sure of the colour you will receive.

Looking good for longer…

Given the how much use a carpet gets: the type of use, location and intensity of foot traffic, there are five key areas that affect a carpet’s look and performance.

1. Cleanliness and maintenance
Everyday dirt acts like abrasive particles and regular vacuuming to remove these helps the longevity of the carpet. Vacuuming also helps keep the tufts upright, especially in areas of heavy traffic. Barrier mats at entrances may help ward off the worst excesses of dirt and damp carried in underfoot. See our Carpet Cleaning Guide for further information.

2. Stain protection
Giving you more time to deal with the stain, this type of protection repels water and oil, slowing down the absorption time of liquid and dirt into the fibres of the carpet. It is NOT a stain blocker, which is a manmade coating that totally envelopes carpet fibres and compromises the natural quality of wool.

Check our Carpet Cleaning Guide for further information and remember do NOT rub, DAB. Wool fibres become fuzzy when rubbed.

3. Indentations
Use caster mats and move furniture periodically when possible to allow recovery of the fibres.

4. Good installation
The investment of a Westex carpet needs the ‘craftsman’ approach with pile direction and seaming all needing careful consideration, alongside correct measurement and fitting to ensure your carpet looks at its best.

5. Light exposure
Fading. Cased by ultra violet rays, all carpets are subject to fading when exposed to bright sunlight. At Westex we use the very best dye materials to minimise this effect and adhere to all current BSI standards; however, over time your carpet will fade. Firstly, as the wool loses its natural yellow and secondly, through longer term fading. To counteract this, for areas regularly exposed to bright sunlight, you may consider using blinds, curtains or opaque window treatments.