All Westex carpets are anti-dust mite treated

All Westex Carpets have an anti-dust mite Actigard treatment applied giving protection against house dust mites, mould fungi, bacteria and their allergens.

How Does the Actigard work?

The active ingredient in the Actigard prevents human skin, hair etc. decaying into the food that the dust mites thrive upon. So there is no environment for them to exist or thrive in. Also inhibiting bacteria and mould development, thorough vacuuming will maintain the cleanliness of the carpet.

How long does the treatment last?

The Actigard combines with the wool fibre on a permanent basis and will last the life time of the carpet.

Is it safe for you and the environment?

Westex installed the first award winning chemical application for carpets re circulation application process whereby no chemical is put to waste effluent.

Safety to humans has been paramount in the design of the Actigard product Westex uses. It has had the full rigours of scientific testing, both toxicologically and ecologically, to establish that there is no harm to human health. It is tested to OECD 404 and 406 qualify as having no irritation or sensitization.

Further Information

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